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Cabinetul nostru are contract cu MEDOC şi suntem parteneri Banca Transilvania

MEDOC – Medical Ocupational

Medical Occupational, established in 2005, is the first private healthcare company to establish a relationship among insurance companies, insured persons and medical providers. The legal framework created in 2006 and Romania’s accession to the EU offers a new alternative to patients, namely private health insurance.

Medical Occupational establishes the medical solutions covered by private health insurance, identifies the best medical services creating the network of medical providers, being the General Health Insurance Services Provider for AXA Life Insurance (formerly Omniasig Life), BCR Life Insurance Vienna Insurance Group, and GBG Insurance International.

The largest network of nationally and internationally accepted medical providers is continuously developing based on specific selection criteria and advanced IT tools of communication. Thus, without compromising on quality, we can obtain affordable medical services. Contracts with medical providers are executed through direct settlement with preferential rates and discounts. Their execution is done in accordance with the administrative and medical protocols agreed by all of our partners. The database modules integrated with the agreed medical providers manage the medical services accessed by the insured.

Our office has maintained a contract with MEDOC and we provide dental services to insured patients, depending on the individualized insurance coverage.

Appointments can be made by MEDOC, the company being the one that requires the first patient appointment and then it sends us the appointment sheet with the coverage list of the insured. After the first treatment, the next appointments are made by the patient himself in the office.


We are Banca Transilvania partners, which gives extra support to patients who benefit from the Star Card rate card.

Thus, in our office it is possible for you to pay with a shopping card in 6 installments.

For StarBT details, you can go to

If you already benefit from StarBT, you can ask for an appointment at our office and you will receive details about how the system works.

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